Evernote -> WordPress integration test

This note is just to test Evernote Sync plugin. 

  1. Private link to already published note:  Evernote -> WordPress integration test (link to this note, recursion)
  2. Private link to note saved from web:  Evernote -> WordPress integration test: note from web
  3. Private link to a regular note:  Evernote -> WordPress integration test: regular note
  4. Public link to shared note: http://www.evernote.com/l/AAYvlUrOdWNJIbi_FjVy_ByP5Uyc_E2CTwc/

How note number 1 looks in my Evernote:

How note number 2 looks in my Evernote:

You will never see note number 3. This is why link has a special icon. 

You will see note number 4 on Evernote.com. I guess it also could be implemented in the plugin. 

How post looks in my blog. 

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